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  • Every DJ Service Includes The Following:


    Professional DJ/MC

    As a DJ, I maintain the highest standards of professional & courteous conduct. With many years of performance experience at all types of events, rest assured that yours will be a success!  I will not smoke, drink, nor engage in any behavior that would embarrass you or your guests.  I want people to leave your event remembering YOUR success and the fun that they had.  I do NOT want people to leave your event snickering over a cheezy DJ.  And I NEVER want to be the 'nightmare DJ' featured on YouTube the next morning.

    Complete Event Coordination

    As Master of Ceremony, I will make sure your event runs smoothly and guarantee everyone is well informed. I will act as a coordinator, making sure the guests, the photographer, the caterer and everyone involved are aware of the events to follow. I will also make all requested introductions and announcements.  Some events require more coordination than others.  Some don't require any coordination at all.  That's OK.  I can use my sense of good judgement to know when to speak and when to simply shut up.  In any case, every event must work like a well-oiled machine, and a good DJ should know exactly how that is accomplished.

    Your Own Custom Music Mix

    All music played during your event is based upon your preferences. Prior to your event, let me know the songs YOU want to hear - and the songs you DON'T want to hear.  Whether you want light background music during dinner and upbeat dance music for all ages later in the evening - or perhaps you don't want any line dances. But maybe just the Cupid Shuffle.  That's OK.  Let me know, and I will play the music as you wish.

    Personalized Service

    I will be your DJ. There will be no 'middle man' or booking agent.  From the moment you sign the contract, you know who will be performing at your event!  It is important that you 'connect' with the person that will be in charge of the fun at your event.  How can you make an educated decision on whom to hire if you book your event with one person, only to be told that your DJ will be assigned at a later time?  You can rest assured, there will be no switcheroos here!

    Professional Grade Equipment

    All of my equipment is professional and commercial grade. I use brand names like Pioneer, Denon, Numark, Mackie and JBL.  My music catalog features over 30,000 songs from the 1920s to current chart-topping hits.  I use professional DJ mixing software on my laptop and only use streaming services like Spotify in case of an emergency.  In any case, I am ready for any occasion.  I will also have a wireless mic for announcements and interaction, as well as enough speaker wattage for up to 500 guests at most banquet facilities in North Carolina.

    Personal Consultation

    It is imperative that you feel comfortable with the person who will be performing at your event.  It is also important that you spend time working through the itinerary or simply discussing music choices.  Every event comes with one face-to-face consultation, either on site, or at a place of mutual agreement.  Of course, I am always available via phone and email anytime you have questions or concerns.