• Does your pricing include setup and breakdown of equipment?

    Yes.  All setup time is my own time.  The start time on your contract is the time that you want the DJ setup, ready to go, and playing the first note of music. It takes about an hour and a half to setup and 45 minutes to breakdown. There will be no hidden costs.

    How much do you charge?

    People hate this answer, but, it depends.  If you have a date and type of party in mind, please call for a custom price quote. Price quotes depend upon the day of the week of your event, number of hours, and what it is exactly that you want.  Perhaps you just want background music for a cocktail party.  Or maybe you want me to entertain 50 13-year olds at a Mitzvah.  Why not add mood lighting and a video package?  It all depends.  Don't worry, I've checked the competition, and I am not even near the most expensive DJ around.

    Do you discounts for lesser experienced DJs?

    No.  I don't believe in one price for a lesser quality or less experienced DJ.  Yes, some companies will offer a low price for an associate DJ, and then another price for the 'owner' of the company.  But to me, that just says "well, you pay less, you will get less". 

    Do you take breaks?

    No. I play continuous music from the contracted start to end time.

    I hate cheezy DJs! Will you be cheezy?

    I know exactly what you mean. Just take a look on YouTube, and you will see all that I am not!  I call my style, 'Classy but Fun'.  Whatever the event, I want people to leave, remembering the fun that they had.  I do not want you to be embarrassed by 'cheezy' antics or an overly verbose microphone presence. Sure, I know how to get interactive with your guests.  And if they need some 'prodding' to get moving, I have plenty of tricks in my bag.  But somewhere, a line needs to be drawn.  This day is not about me.  This day is not about how loud and obnoxious I can make things.  I am not going to dance with your guests, make jokes and whoop and holler on the mic.  This day is about providing clean, comfortable, enjoyable and pain-free entertainment.  Some events do require a lot of interaction.  But I place an emphasis on interaction with class and finesse.

    Can you provide a microphone for announcements or toasts?

    Of course.  I will have a wireless as well as a wired mic.

    What happens if your equipment fails?

    Anything can happen, right?  But just in case, I carry multiple backups of equipment and music databases.  I am ready should something unfortunate happen. 

    Do we need to feed the DJ?

    That is certainly appreciated!  Most people do not realize that when they hire a DJ to play for a 5 hour event, there are about 3 to 4 additional hours tacked on to the day for travel, setup and breakdown. So, it becomes a full day of work.  Stopping to eat is not always possible.  We ask that if you provide a meal for your guests, that you offer your DJ a meal of like kind, or a boxed lunch.  Water or soft drinks are also greatly appreciated.

    How do I reserve a spot on your schedule?

    Once you decide that you would like to confirm your time and date, just let me know and I will send a one-page contract via email.  Simply sign and mail back with your deposit, and that is it!

    How much deposit do your require?

    That will depend upon the total contract amount, but it is typically no more than $200.  The balance of payment is expected at the end of your event.