• Your#SelfieSite

  • Photo booths have been around for a while. From the large curtain-draped boxes found in malls in the 1970s to smaller, more modern designs taking advantage of new technologies, people love to take pictures of themselves and share with the rest of the world.

    When photo booths starting appearing at private events, the price to rent one for a few hours was very prohibitive.  Over time, prices started coming down as designs were minimalized.  Still, $800 to $1500 was still a lot to shell out - and you still had to worry about the photo printer crashing, as they often do.

    Your#SelfieSite is an 'open air' photo kiosk, custom built to be sleek and sexy to suit any occasion or event.  Although many similar setups have cut costs by using the front-facing Apple iPad cameras to take pictures, we feel that the photo quality was not up to par.  Your#SelfieSite uses a professional-grade dslr camera with custom Windows software to snap photos of your guests.  Images, collages and gifs can then be sent over a network to your phone via text or email for immediate sharing on social media.

  • STARTING AT $499!

    What you get with our $499 Social Site package...

  • Professional Quality DSLR Camera

    No iPad-quality pictures here! We use a professional-grade DSLR camera along with innovative Windows software to run our setup.

  • 2 Hours of "Photo Time"

    Why pay for 'idle' time if you don't have to? Have your Site start when guests arrive or once the 'party' begins. It's YOUR choice! Additional time is available as an upgrade.

  • Friendly Photo Attendant

    There is nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out things yourself.  Our Social Site package comes with a 'live' friendly attendant to ensure your guests' experience is hassle-free.

  • Immediately Share on Social Media

    Once your photos are taken, guests will have the opportunity to send themselves a digital copy via text or email where they can immediately share them on social media.

  • * Our Social Site package comes with 2 hours of unlimited high-quality digital photo singles, collages or gifs sent to your guests via text or email for immediate social media sharing.  Photo strip on-site prints, props, custom backgrounds and overlay templates are available as add-ons.


    Extend your time, add a backdrop, green screen or funny props so your guests can get sillier!  Contact us for a custom quote on your next event.

  • Custom backdrop to suit your theme
  • Green Screen
  • Custom collage layout with logo and/or custom text
  • Custom-curated prop selection
  • Add extra hours
  • Online gallery link hosting for 1 year